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black friday cannabis deals online

Black Friday Xmas Holiday Sale Guide

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday (11/23 and 11/26) we’re holding a host of special discounts and deals for you to save big on Kush Groove apparel and accessories.

We’re discounting all t-shirts to $20

kush groove apparel

Offering free shipping on all orders during Black Friday weekend.

kush groove beanie

and when you buy a Kush Groove hoody, you get a free bowl or pipe!

kush groove hoody

What are you waiting for?

Head to the Kush Groove online shop for Black Friday Deals.

Raw Rolling Papers & Accessories Product Guide

Raw rolling papers is one of the most popular rolling paper cannabis brands in the world. We carry a wide range of Raw rolling paper products and accessories at our Kush Groove Smoke Shop in Boston, MA and on our online web store at

View the entire Raw Rolling Papers Collection here

We’ve included a small selection of products on our site below. We’re also including an important infographic outlining how to spot fake Raw rolling papers.


Raw rolling paper products available online and at the Kush Groove Smoke Shop in Boston


Raw Tin Slide

Raw Tin Slide

Raw Grinder

Raw Parchment Paper


Raw Aluminum Metal Doob Cigar Tube

Raw Hemp Wick

Raw Magnetic Tray Cover

Raw Socks

Raw Wood Box


Raw Playing Cards

Raw Cone Dog Toy

Raw Cone Loader

Raw Double Barrel – King Size

Raw Magnetic Tray Cover

Raw Cone Loader

Raw Cone Loader

Raw Rolling Mat

Raw Hemp Roller

Raw Wooden Sign

Raw Crystal Glass Ashtray


Raw Tray


Raw Trident

Raw Xmas Stocking

Raw Wallet



#UrbanFresh Fall Fashion Guide

We teamed up with the homies at Urban Fresh for our first annual Fall Fashion & Accessories Guide. We laced our models in the gear, Urban Fresh keeps the kicks on deck.

It’s mandatory to have a few key essentials in your closet for the special fall temperatures that range from cool to chilly. That’s why we put together a few must have pieces to rock when you just want be “cool” or for later on the day when it gets a bit chilly.

Kush Groove Logo Hoody:

One of our staple pieces, the Kush Groove hoody is the perfect hoody to have for any occasion, summer, winter, spring or fall. Wear it in the house, outside when the suns about to set or right before you jump into a sesh. Get your hoody here.

Kush Groove Citgo Dad Cap:

If you’re from the bean, you know what the citgo sign means to the city. We added a ‘kush’y lil twist to it. One of our popular pieces, the Kush Groove Citgo Dad Cap is perfect for men and women alike. Fellas, grab one for your girl, before she steals yours! Get it here.

Kush Groove Mount Kushmore:

Our latest release this fall is the Kush Groove Mount Kushmore tee. Available in men and women sizes, the mount kushmore concept really refers to one reaching the highest of the mountain top when they’ve (cough cough) taken a few puffs along the way. See it in shop.

Kush Groove X Candyman Collab

Every Friday night at the Kush Groove shop we host our paint & edibles party with our friend and comrade Candyman. We created a limited edition collection of tees, tanks, sweaters and crewnecks. Get yours today and sign up for paint night too!

Kush Groove Beanie:

Similar to the seasonal utility of the Kush Groove Logo Hoody, the Kush Groove Beanie is a staple item from the Kush Groove catalouge that can be worn in any weather, at any time, year round. Available in over 10 colors, you’ll wanna get one that suits your swap ASAP. Get one now.

Jordan 13 – Urban Fresh

Top off your outfit for the fall with the Jordan 13’s from our friends over at Urban Fresh. They stay up to gear with all the fly retro and hard to find kicks.

See the rest of our items online at and

Don’t forget to get a grinder!

Our Founder Speaks at Cannabis Conference

Our co-founder/owner Marcus Johnson-Smith prepares for a series of speaking engagement and conference events  in Portland, Maine, Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island during the month of October.

He’s speaking at the New England Cannabis Conference and Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo.

Learn more about Kush Groove at any of the dates below.

Visit and for more information.